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The newest and/or revised resources being offered by Abortion Recovery InterNational

Website: Recovery Encore ~ The Next Step In Healing  

A new and refreshed website specifically designed to accompany our Recovery Encore brochures (found on our Brochure and Cards page).

Grab a few of the brochures for your support group graduates... and then suggest they look over the website to see what further healing opportunities await them.    http://www.recoveryencore.org

Share Your Story Brochures:

ARIN's new series of brochures! Brochures highlight different testimonies within the "life" movement. The target audience is abortion vulnerable and post-abortion men and women; as well as to enlighten the general population of the emotional and psychological impact of abortion and the opportunity for Abortion Recovery.

Additional brochures coming soon: Joyce Zounis, Kim Ketola, Mark Morrow.  

PDF Proof:  I Wish Someone Had Told Me

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If you'd like to submit your story, we'd love to look it over for inclusion in the Share Your Story Brochure Campaign! Contact information can be found on our website: www.arininc.org

ARIN is honored to promote resources created by our Affiliates. See below for the newest items

The Heart Knows Jewelry

The Heart Knows was founded by Misty Black in her search to memorialize her own son, Isaiah Nathaniel regretfully aborted in 1996. The Heart Knows offers hand stamped, personalized memorial pieces to honor those who have been aborted. Misty's hand crafted pieces also include designs inspired by the Lord to honor Life and support other Life affirming ministries.

See some amazing inspired jewelry at:  www.theheartknowscreations.com 


Up from the Ashes:

"Jennifer writes in a way that invites you on her journey of healing. With great depth and insight she encourages others to step onto the path of healing. The book will be a useful tool for those who want a deeper walk with the Lord." -Linda Cochrane, author of Forgiven and Set Free

When twenty-something Jennifer Disney discovered she was pregnant, she didn't feel overjoyed. Instead, guilt and shame nearly paralyzed her with fear. With a bright future ahead, she convinced herself that abortion was the only answer. On that fateful day, she made the decision to abort the baby, a choice that would forever change her life.

Up from the Ashes tells Jennifer's remarkable true story of courage, faith, and healing from the devastating emotional and spiritual effects of her abortion. With refreshing candor, she shares her uphill battle of how she struggled to find relief from the constant emotional pain from her choice, and how this very struggle inspired her to reach out to others affected by post-abortion trauma.

Divided into easy-to-read sections with a uniquely Biblical perspective, this part-guide, part-memoir delves into the most difficult issues surrounding abortion and offers help and hope to women in need of both. Jennifer's compassionate words accompany blank journal pages that encourage reflection and participation for sufferers, and create a safe, loving environment for recovery.

For those lost in post-abortion trauma, Up from the Ashes offers the promise of hope and healing, and reveals the true power of faith and forgiveness.

Jennifer is a new ARIN Affiliate and we're excited to have her onboard.  Jennifer's book can be purchased here:  Up from the Ashes

Oil of Joy:

This is a comprehensive study for incarcerated women for healing from abortion and other sexual abuse. It is full of helpful exercises to process the grief, anger, and depression in the aftermath of abortion. So many who may have never been in a correctional institution know the emotional prison of shame and guilt following an abortion. They will also relate to and benefit from this workbook. It is best worked in a support group setting, but can be used in personal study.

Oil of Joy is authored by ARIN Affiliate, Rhonda Arias.

This book may be purchased through Amazon, here: Oil of Joy


CPR: Choice Processing and Resolution:

CPR is the first self-help plan developed by a professional therapist that helps women process the inevitable sadness they feel about a voluntary pregnancy termination or "vpt".

Women who choose abortion feel guilty about expressing the natural and unavoidable grief that eventually follows.

Ultimately, unprocessed grief can become the source of depression, anxiety, anger or other emotional problems.

There are few places or public venue to grieve an abortion in our culture.

This type of grief is called disenfranchised grief.

C.P.R.~ Choice Processing and Resolution removes the "no cry zone" from choice decisions!

For further information see the CPR website at: Sad After Abortion

Trudy M. Johnson, an ARIN Affiliate, is a licensed marriage and family therapist in the State of Colorado. She worked in a national known ministry from 1994 - 2005 reaching out to women with grief and abuse issues.

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